Spiritual Discussions

Interactive spiritual discussions are a fun way to share insights and experiences in the company of like-hearted individuals. In a relaxed and comfortable environment, you can explore the spiritual wisdom already within you, ask questions, and learn a technique to enhance your inner spiritual connection. You are welcome to attend one, some, or all sessions of any discussion series. These discussions are often offered on spiritual topics such as dreams, past lives, and conquering fear, as well as the open-ended question, Have You Had a Spiritual Experience?

You may also explore spiritual topics with other participants in a roundtable forum, a small group discussion led by an ECK Spiritual Aide (ESA), a specially trained member of the ECK Clergy. The topic is probed deeply to achieve insights into the subtle workings of Spirit. The discussion lasts one hour.

If you are interested in attending a scheduled spiritual discussion listed below, view our events calendar for the specific date to see full location details. Our virtual events will be expanding soon—check back for new discussions.

Upcoming Spiritual Discussions