Past Lives, Present Lessons—Understanding Karma and Reincarnation

Do you wonder if you have lived before? Have you ever felt you’ve always known someone you just met? Are you attracted to a particular culture, place, country, or time in history without knowing why?

Experiences in past lives can seep into our present life, coloring our relationships, influencing our career choices, and even affecting our health. The challenges we face today have links to all sorts of past-life situations. Yet few people know how to uncover these forgotten pieces of themselves and recognize their value.

Soul Adventure Magazine

So, what to do about those “unsolvable” problems when all else fails? In the current edition of Eckankar’s Soul Adventure Magazine: Past Lives, Present Lessons, Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, tells the story of a woman who was shown in a dream why she and her husband and father were all experiencing heart problems. They had each had their hearts ripped out during a sacrificial Mayan ritual, and the high priest responsible for their deaths in that past life was now their heart doctor, helping to heal their heart conditions in this life, thus balancing the karmic debt created through his past actions.

The mechanics of karma and rebirth work together to teach us responsibility for our every thought, feeling, and action. Our goal as an eternal spark of God is to see beyond the surface of daily events and live to our highest potential. We become a pure carrier of divine love, serving all life.

Would you like to try out a spiritual exercise that can help you discover your own past lives, untangle troublesome karmic conditions, and experience yourself as Soul, a timeless, immortal being? Join us online for our Wednesday, August 24th Spiritual Conversation, from 7-8 pm. We’ll be discussing How Exploring Your Past Lives Can Transform Your Life Today. Share your insights, ask questions, or just come and listen.

You may also enjoy the free downloadable ebooklet, Karma and Reincarnation: Solving the Mystery. As Harold Klemp says, “It’s all about liberation. It’s about experiencing the freedom, joy, and wisdom of Soul.”

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