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Have You Had A Spiritual Experience?

Nearly half of the people polled in a Pew Research Center study say they’ve had a religious or mystical experience. Have you had, or would like to experience, the following spiritual experiences?

What Do These Spiritual Experiences Mean?

Thousands of people, from every walk of life, report having unusual experiences like these. However, most often they struggle to know what they mean and can’t find anyone in their circle of family or friends who can help. Others are searching for ways to have a deeper spiritual connection and find truth for themselves.

Spiritual Experiences Guidebook

Now you can learn what they mean and even experience them for yourself…

Request your own copy of the  Spiritual Experiences Guidebook, a FREE book designed to help anyone discover spiritual insights to improve their life. This interactive book (with CD) provides next steps in spiritual exploration. Discover truths about past lives, dreams, soul travel, and more.

ECK Soul Adventure Magazine

You may also like to view the current and past issues of the ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Magazine, a free publication that offers potentially life-changing spiritual perspectives four times a year. 

Eckankar in New Jersey offers spiritual events, programs, insights, and tools for you to explore. All are based on the teachings of ECKANKAR—the Path of Spiritual Freedom and are available for anyone, regardless of background or religious beliefs.

2023 ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Seminar

Experience the Power of Spiritual Grace! Golden opportunities for spiritual discoveries await you at the 2023 ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Seminar, October 20–22.  Its theme: “The Power of Grace: A Secret to Spiritual Living.” Step confidently into a larger room, a… Read More

Unlocking Your Dream Worlds

When: September 23, 2023 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Where: Ocean County Library at Toms River, 101 Washington St, Toms River, NJ 08753, USA

When seen from a spiritual perspective, dreams can provide access to the most sacred part of ourselves.  Dreams can help us solve problems, open doors to healing, and provide insight for taking the next step in our lives. Understanding and… Read More