Youth and Family Program

Created to provide a foundation for the development and spiritual education of youth and families in ECK, the Youth and Family program provides young people between the ages of five to seventeen the opportunity to learn unfoldment, leadership, and service to others. Assisted by trained and trusted volunteer adults, events and activities are designed with safety, support, and education in mind. Depending upon attendance, different age groups can participate in ECK Light and Sound Services, seminars, classes, workshops, campouts, retreats and potluck dinners. In addition, various discussion and activity events may also be specifically designed for youth and family. If you are interested in attending a scheduled event listed below, view our events calendar for the specific date to see full location details.

Upcoming Youth and Family Events

More details about children, youth, and family in ECK are available at the Official Main Site of ECKANKAR. Find inspiration, resources, and support for parents at Adventure in ECK Parenting, which also offers materials for youth exploration. Youth study books are available for purchase, and the Letter of Light, a quarterly newsletter for youth, is offered by subscription. It includes lively articles and stories by ECK youth and Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.

For more information or to check on future ECK activities and classes for children, youth, and families in New Jersey, please complete this form.