An Invitation

Thank you for considering a custom presentation, discussion, or workshop based on the teachings of ECKANKAR for your group. Since 1965 we’ve been delivering events in libraries, colleges and to community organizations around the world.

A Gallup poll has stated that 33% of the public believe they have had a spiritual revelation at some point in their lives. Many people report experiences in lucid dreaming, out-of-body travel, seemingly impossible coincidences, near-death experiences, or strong intuitions which guide their lives.

Our purpose is to help anyone, regardless of one’s spiritual or religious background, to discover answers to their deepest questions. Through the practice of spiritual exercises, one can receive guidance and insights that can make life happier.

Eckankar is a nonprofit religious organization which respects all cultures and spiritual teachings. We are happy to create a custom intro talk, spiritual discussion, or interactive workshop that is best for your group. All presentations and workshops are offered free of charge as a service to the community. Typically talks average 45-60 minutes. Workshops are 90 minutes.

Interactive Workshops

ECK workshops offer an opportunity to explore important spiritual topics in more depth. Led by a trained facilitator, workshops combine formal presentation, group discussion, hands-on activities, and question and answer periods to thoroughly address a topic and provide valuable seeds for self-exploration. View our full list of workshops and their descriptions.

Geared for audiences of all, any, or no declared faith, our facilitators are seasoned in stimulating group discussion. View speakers to learn background information about many of our experienced presenters available throughout the state.

If you would like to arrange a presentation for your group, suggest a facility for an event, or request more information about our custom options, please complete the form below.