ECK Clergy Services

ECK members and the public are welcome to contact a qualified ECK cleric about the following services: The Four ECK Celebrations of Life The ECK Consecration Ceremony (for young children) The ECK Rite of Passage (for boys and girls of… Read More

Mailing List

We’re happy to add you to our mailing list for free email information on local Eckankar events in New Jersey. Please fill in the form below to sign up. We do not use this information for anything other than to… Read More

Local Broadcasts

Broadcast talks by Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader of Eckankar, are shown in many regions on local public access/cable TV stations. His talks combine stories, parables, discourse, and humor with rich insights and wisdom you can begin to use in your… Read More


Eckankar in New Jersey operates in four distinct local areas in the state—Central, North, Southeast, and Southwest. These areas are basically defined by counties. You may contact us to receive more information about any area. Events are offered in various… Read More