Individuals are available in all areas of the state to present talks, lead spiritual discussions, and facilitate workshops on many spiritual topics. All of our speakers and facilitators have been studying the ECK teachings for many years (over 20), and many are members of the Eckankar clergy. They are well versed on our varied formats and available topics, skilled in guiding others to use spiritual techniques and resources, and experienced in stimulating group discussion. Whether presenting to a general audience or to those already interested in one’s inner journey, our programs have been well received by a diverse group of attendees.

ECK speakers and facilitators at several NJ events

As a group, our presenters have a wide range of professional backgrounds that include engineer, naturopathic physician, published author, elected county official, property manager, market research professional, and technology trainer. In their roles as ECK speakers and facilitators, they lead about 50 events each year throughout New Jersey, and also participate in seminars in New Jersey and many states around the country. As individuals, they all view life as a spiritual experience and enjoy meeting new people who are interested in spiritual topics and discovering truth through personal experience.

Our goal in offering our discussions and workshops is to give attendees an opportunity to explore new ways to deepen their insights and realization of their lives as a spiritual journey. If you would like to check on specific speakers or facilitators in your area, please use our arrange presentation form to request “facilitator bios” in the information field at the end. You’ll hear from us shortly.