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You are warmly invited to our ECK events held throughout all of New Jersey. This “Next 6” display is always current, and all events are always free! To see more or to browse by NJ areas, you can use the calendar of events for specific listings. Read More

A Surprising Dream, A Helpful Lesson

By Hannah Essien, Princeton At one point in my life I found myself at a crossroads, not knowing which path to take. It was a challenging time for me. I had completed school but could not find a job, and… Read More

Dreams title and vision

What Does My Dream Mean?

Your dreams are trying to tell you something. By learning the art of dream interpretation you’ll start to unlock the spiritual wisdom and guidance that is already inside your heart. Find out more below to sign up for your free… Read More

A Spiritual Place to Belong

By Juliette Haynes, New York, NY Many years before I joined Eckankar, I graduated from college, started working, and continued to pursue my interest in spiritual matters. This was mostly through reading about worldwide religions and philosophies throughout history. At… Read More

Taking Brave Steps Towards God

By Charles Foley, Willingboro Each day around dusk, I gather up leftover food scraps and take them out to the bin on the side of the house. One day when I got to the bin, I saw six young doe… Read More