Exploring Online Resources for Spiritually-Minded Parents

Are you looking for ways to help your children and family discover the wonders of divine love?AdventuresinECKParenting.org is an online goldmine for spiritually-minded parents (or anyone) experiencing the challenges and joys of raising responsible and loving children.

As Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, says, “As Soul, as a divine light of God, your purpose in life is to develop love and compassion and all the other divine qualities that make you a better instrument of Divine Spirit. Where and how do you do this? You learn this at home, working things out with your family.” Resources menu at Adventures in ECK Parenting

There is much to explore on the site, including family activities, spiritual exercises, specific articles for youth, and a blog that highlights various spiritual principles through first-hand stories and inspiring articles. In the special “Ask the Master” section, Harold Klemp answers some of the toughest parenting questions.

This month, on Wednesday, December 28 from 7-8 pm, join us online as we take a tour through the resources the Eckankar teachings offer families in their spiritual journey together. View the event description to register now to attend or for more information.

This interactive discussion is part of the Spiritual Conversations series where a different spiritual topic is featured on the 4th Wednesday each month. The December 28 topic is How Will You Answer When Your Child Asks About God?