Seeking Insights? Spin the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel!

Eckankar in New Jersey welcomed visitors to a spiritual open house at the Metuchen ECKANKAR Center on June 9th, 2018. Attendees had the opportunity to meet neighbors, discuss spiritual topics with like-minded people, learn spiritual techniques, and use the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel.
Hosts at the center guided those interested in a deeper understanding of something in their lives through the Wisdom Wheel spiritual exercise. Here are the steps.

  • Open your heart by looking at the beautiful artwork and reading the spiritual words on the wheel.
  • Ask a question, thinking silently of something you would like insight or direction on, a question about one of the topics on the wheel, or a general question, such as “What is my next spiritual step?”
  • Spin the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel for your “personal” spiritual insight.
  • Receive and read your “answer” card with the related artwork and quotes from Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar.
  • Look for the spiritual message in the quotes. Often they shed light on what individuals asked inwardly about—in the current moment or at a later time.

The Wisdom Wheel spiritual exercise allows an individual to discover and interact with Divine Spirit in a lighthearted way. The individual can gain a new perspective on personal issues or receive guidance on whatever Soul needs spiritually. Please check our events or contact us if you are interested in more information or experiencing this technique for yourself.

The Spiritual Wisdom Wheel at the Metuchen ECKANKAR Center
Nikki Conte-Huggins sets up the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel at the Metuchen ECKANKAR Center, 323 Main Street, on 6/9/18. —Photo by E. Kelly