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The Master’s Gaze

By Ken Scribner, Vineland Click below to play ECK Daydreams, original music arranged and played by Ken Scribner. Several years ago I had to have surgery to remove a benign pituitary tumor that had caused blindness in one eye and… Read More

ECKANKAR in New Jersey Event and Center Closures

Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns and for the well-being of all, our in-person gatherings are still suspended in all physical locations, including the Montclair ECKANKAR Center. We are now offering virtual online classes and events through Zoom video conferencing and… Read More

Arahata Peggy Pilch and chelas at the ECK Center in Montclair after a Shariat-Ki Sugmad book discussion

Sharing Love at Shariyat Class

On February 7, 2016 Peggy Pilch spent her birthday doing something she loved—leading a Shariyat book discussion at the ECK Center in Montclair. Everyone in class was happy to be there with Peggy on the birthday she has always shared… Read More

Local ECKists view a 1981 video of Sri Harold at Michael and Carol Stein’s house in Chesterfield

A Sri Harold Video in the Comforts of Home

On January 3, 2016 local ECKists welcomed in the new year with a Sri Harold video and potluck at Michael and Carol Stein’s house in Chesterfield. In the comforts of home, folks viewed The Acorn Planter, Sri Harold Klemp’s second… Read More