Satsang Intensive

February 25, 2024 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Bill Sinnett
Satsang Intensive @ VIRTUAL | Metuchen | New Jersey | United States

“The ECK is the Voice of God, the Audible Life Stream or Sound Current. It is the heartbeat and the pulse of God’s creation.

“It is all that is life. It encompasses all the teachings of religions and philosophies. It is the Life Force, or Holy Spirit, the God Current we know as the source of our being. It is the fountain of love.

“ECK is the eternal Truth and eternal paradox within all. It is the creator of all things, the essence of the Sugmad, the Living Word. The Mahanta is the ECK, and the ECK is love.

“We need the ECK, and the ECK needs us. The ECK is all-powerful, but It needs us in order to more fully express Its consciousness, the higher realizations, God-Realization, and ultimately even beyond that.

“Why? So that this great expression of life can have ever-greater realization. As It does, we do; and as we do, It does.”

Harold Klemp, ECKOPEDIA: The ECKANKAR Lexicon, p. 61 and 62.

This passage is an expression of the Living Word, given from the Master as a gift to you.

The purpose of a Satsang Intensive is to deeply explore a passage from the ECK works. It includes reading, reflection, sharing and discussion, and is intended to provide a spiritual setting for a connection to be made between the chela and the Inner Master. You can find additional information about the Satsang Intensive in the Members Area of the ECKANKAR website.

We will be scheduling monthly state-wide, chela-only Satsang Intensives on the 4th Sunday of the month going forward. RSVP to the contact above and you will receive an email confirmation with the passage we will be discussing in this Satsang Intensive.

Video Conference—This event will take place as a Zoom meeting. The class is open to current members of Eckankar. If you plan to attend for the first time, please call or email the above contact. The Arahata will email you the Zoom connection information shortly.