April Spiritual Experiences Guidebook Discussion

Finding truth for yourself is an adventure! People from all religions backgrounds and walks of life have had spiritual experiences—like a puzzling dream, miraculous out-of-body travel, or past life memory—that call for a deeper exploration of what lies beyond day-to-day life.

We each have the ability to discover truth for ourselves and connect to a deeper meaning of life. Eckankar’s Spiritual Experiences Guidebook by Harold Klemp is filled with creative exercises and keys to help you live life with less fear, and with love of God in your heart. Join us for a 3-part online discussion of this book. The class will meet on Zoom from 7-8 pm ET for 3 Wednesdays—April 6, 13 and 20th.

There is no charge for the discussion series—just register now to attend. For more details, view the event description. A copy of the book is encouraged but not required to join the class. You are welcome to study the whole book with us or attend any of the three sessions. The book includes a special audio CD that offers an ancient spiritual technique which can be used for inner guidance, healing, and for more divine love.

You can request your Spiritual Experiences Guidebook & CD below: