Exploring Our Spiritual Connection with Animals

Have you ever felt a heart-to-heart connection with an animal? Had an amazing experience with a pet or an animal in nature? Felt that animals can teach us lessons about living life? How can we become more aware of the interconnectedness of all living things? Eckankar in New Jersey often holds spiritual discussions—including virtual—that guide individuals to discover the sometimes surprising and unique ways divine love and wisdom reaches us through animals. It can be heart-opening to listen to the many experiences and insights people share. Dog reading Animals are Soul too!

For those who would like to pursue these concepts a little deeper on their own, consider reading the book, Animals are Soul, Too! by Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar. If you would like, you may purchase the book through Eckbooks.org or on Amazon at Amazon.com.

Eckankar also offers the Animals are Soul blog as a spiritual resource for people of all faiths and backgrounds. Visit AnimalsAreSoul.blog to look through spiritually uplifting, real-life stories and photos about animals. Filled with spiritual insights and truths, these articles can help you find answers to your own deepest questions about life.

Whether in-person, virtual, from a book, or online, stories of love and companionship from our animal friends often help others to recognize their own spiritual gifts. Discover for yourself!