What is Your Heart Telling You? – The Gift of Divine Guidance

Have you ever experienced an unexpected nudge to do something, decided to follow it, and been amazed at the beneficial outcome? Or, have you ever followed an inner direction and found that things did not work out quite the way you would have liked, but you gained a valuable life lesson? How do we learn to listen to the whispers of our hearts to know truth and grow spiritually?

In his latest e-booklet, Divine Guidance – Gifts of Dreams, Nudges, and Signs, author Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, says, “Divine Spirit is always working on your behalf, and you can attune yourself to Its love for you. Inner guidance is one of Its many gifts.” Divine Guidance eBooklet CoverEach of us has our own unique connection to God. With practice, we can awaken to Its benevolent presence in our lives.

The e-booklet tells stories of individuals who have followed their intuition, with sometimes miraculous results. How does it work? There’s a quote in the booklet that sheds some light on the intricacies of divine guidance: “Sometimes the Holy Spirit may work in a gentle way. It may give you just a nudge, a feeling of how to act, what to do, which dentist to go see―something right down to earth.” Embracing divine guidance can heal; it can bring about spiritual freedom.

Register to join us online for the Let’s Discuss Divine Guidance spiritual conversation on Wednesday, June 22 at 7:00 p.m. Learn how to recognize the unique ways God speaks to you, because you are one-of-a-kind! Try a creative spiritual exercise, share your experiences and insights, or just listen. Your divine guidance comes tailor-made for you. Discover how to awaken to its gifts.

The June 22 interactive discussion is part of the Spiritual Conversations series where a different spiritual topic is featured on the 4th Wednesday each month.