Secrets of Divine Creativity: All Problems Come with Answers

We all have challenges. No one escapes them. They are a part of life. When you are faced with a tough situation, what do you do? Where can you find the help you need to resolve an issue that overwhelms you?

Some problems can be solved by systematically analyzing them, researching causes, consulting with experts, if necessary, and coming up with a rational fix. However, this approach may not always work because a circumstance may be too complex to understand, we may not have all the information we need, or we are fearful of making a wrong decision. Sometimes our own mental attitudes and emotions can cloud our perspective and block clear judgment.

Divine Guidance eBooklet Cover

So, what to do about those “unsolvable” problems when all else fails?

“You can learn to make a vibrant connection with the God current, or the Holy Spirit,” says Harold Klemp in his ebooklet, Secrets of Divine Creativity: All Problems Come with Answers. “You are Soul … a spark of God―eternal, unique, and endlessly creative. The creative element is the God-spark within you. This divine spark, you see, is your strength, solace, and sustenance in every troubling situation.”

The viewpoint of Soul takes the higher perspective that each challenge is an opportunity for us to build strength, to learn to trust our divine nature, and to gain the wisdom to better meet the ups and downs of life.

By practicing imaginative techniques, we can tap into our divine creativity, as one woman relates in her story in the ebooklet. After falling and breaking her hip, she tells how she worked with spiritual exercises she learned in the Eckankar teachings during weeks of pain and healing to inwardly create and then manifest her dream job.

Another quote from the booklet says, “Soul, in Its awakened state, is a natural survivor. All problems have answers, so there is nearly always a better way to handle them. Using our creative talents can help us to do so.”

There is much more wisdom to explore in this ebooklet. Join us online, Wednesday, July 27th, 7 p.m. at our monthly Spiritual Conversations meeting when we’ll discuss How to Solve Problems Using Our Divine Creativity. All are welcome to this free event

You can view or download the ebooklet at: It’s not necessary to have read the booklet to participate in the discussion.

Discover how using your divine imagination, the God-spark within you, can make your life more meaningful, reveal better ways to handle troubling situations, and lift you into truly becoming a godlike being. In the power of divine creativity, there is no limitation whatsoever.

The July 27 interactive discussion is part of the Spiritual Conversations series where a different spiritual topic is featured on the 4th Wednesday each month.